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There is good medicine as Weavers and Seed Carriers, and good medicine through mentoring the next generation of leadership. As if by magic, we receive so much by giving to others and through reciprocity. Please look over this list and see if you would like to help your community by serving in these positions and aiding our growth and outreach so that we may better serve all who come to our ceremonies and sacred grounds.


Social media has become the primary form of communication in this modern world. We are seeking a volunteer who has a deep understanding of our core values. Responsibilities include updating our calendar, posting events to social media outlets, networking through various social media platforms (such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube), and researching and creating blog content for our website.

This position engages the community through social media which makes the community more vibrant, alive and connected.


Maintaining the communications of our community is a highly respected responsibility and honor, sharing the stories as told by our teachers and leaders. Brothers and Sisters who have love for our Elders and wish to help these living treasures share their wisdom with the larger community would be well suited for this opportunity.

Responsibilities include collecting, writing and archiving a variety of communications, published through our newsletter and social media; essays and articles, photographs and videos, and the calendar of events are regularly produced; maintain a steady publication cycle and support our community’s awareness of events, opportunities, announcements and teachings.


Many Wisdomkeepers and Elders are in need of trusted support in working with the larger community. To be a reliable liaison requires an ability to work with the various local agencies with cultural, educational, environmental, or spiritual interests, as well as a sensitivity to the heritage and teachings being shared.

Brothers and Sisters who are both passionate about community outreach and are able to benefit from the proximity to our Wisdomkeepers and Elders in this way are encouraged to pass tobacco and make this request.

Responsibilities include supporting our Spiritual Lead, Hua Anwa, and other community Wisdomkeepers network throughout the local community, coordinating opportunities for public speaking, teachings, and workshops. This is a key liaison position, working directly with Hua Anwa and guest Wisdomkeepers, facilitating their engagement with membership and the larger local community, scheduling, making accommodations, and discussing aspects of reciprocity on behalf of the community.


The Circles of Empowerment community is a hugely abundant community, comprised of nearly 1,000 members who participate in a number of ways. Holding this container and overseeing the ways in which we engage as a whole is a beautiful place of service.

Responsibilities include updating and maintaining our user-friendly database for contacts and registration information, coordinating outreach in the community through our regular newsletter and social media, and supporting the efforts in fundraising, communications and promoting our various initiatives.


The legacy of Circles of Empowerment is clearly in its people. Our Wisdomkeepers, Elders, ceremonial leads, dancers, volunteers and youth all have so much to share. Our ability to document these gatherings, especially in a respectful way, is a gift to the next generation.


As a volunteer-run organization, our ability to be of service in a good way depends upon a coordinated effort, working together for our common vision. A volunteer organizer would be able to offer up experience coordinating project leads towards a shared goal, have gifts as a clear communicator, and enjoy bringing people together.

If you have an interest in any of the above positions or any skill to offer, please e-mail at info@circlesofempowerment.org

Thank you!

Circles of Empowerment

Circles of Empowerment supports people of all colors, creeds, and walks of life by providing a safe space for ceremonial expression and healing.
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