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Empowerment Through Ritual and Ceremony Classes
Ceremony is a way of life, whether holding a personal practice in a private ritual, honoring the seasons, offering our prayers, or gathering together with our spiritual families. The teachings of ritual and ceremony are some of the oldest teachings which many believe are needed today more than ever. Clan Mother and native elder, Hua Anwa, will be offering an introduction to these sacred ways in an intensive weekend workshop, providing both a foundation and an invitation to expand and deepen your knowledge of all aspects of ritual and ceremony, including an introduction to shamanic tools, journeying, energetic shielding and the teachings of the medicine wheel.

Hua has been given teachings for a Full Moon Ceremony for women that will be passed on to the Sisters during this weekend workshop, offering a way to cultivate a more intimate and potent relationship with the lunar cycles and Grandmother Moon. A sunrise/sunset ceremony will be offered to the Brothers to enrich their connection to Grandfather Sun. Each class is uniquely suited to the group and highly valued by those who have attended.

For those who already have a foundation in these teachings, an advanced class will be offered over a four-week period, going deeper into cultivating shamanic tools, feather doctoring (smudging) and working with the sacred elements of ceremony.

Hua Anwa has worked as a healer and has led ceremonies on the Central Coast of California for over 30 years, having been trained and given permission to pour water in the sweat lodge ceremony for the people. Hua is also the co-founder and ceremonial lead of the annual Long Dance Ceremony in San Luis Obispo County, gathering and supporting over 100 women every year in an all night sacred prayer for the past 25 years.

Please check our calendar or our newsletter for upcoming classes and workshops in your area.

If you wish to sign up for classes contact us at at info@circlesofempowerment.org

Circles of Empowerment

Circles of Empowerment supports people of all colors, creeds, and walks of life by providing a safe space for ceremonial expression and healing.
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