Pipe Ceremony
Our Community Pipe Ceremonies are led by our Beloved Grandmother Maheewah

In this ceremony we pray with the Sacred Pipe, the Chanupa Wakan, and ask Great Spirit to hear our prayers.

We invite everyone to dress for Spirit, in the beauty-way, and out of respect we ask that women wear long skirts or a sarong/blanket wrap during ceremony. Women may also choose wear a traditional shawl over their shoulders during this ceremony. Men are asked to wear shirts and long pants. We invite everyone to bring a nourishing dish to share at our potluck, following the ceremony.

Offerings to our ceremonial leads, Pipe Carrier, and attending Firekeepers, with honoring gifts, such as tobacco, sacred herbs, medicines or monetary gifts to facilitate their travel are welcomed but certainly not required. The gesture of reciprocity is especially beautiful when it comes from the heart and is in balance.

Anyone new to this ceremony or wanting to bring a guest may want to call us with any questions in advance. Please ask for Hua Anwa at (805) 481-0892 or info@circlesofempowerment.org