Ancient Ways of Healing and Honoring the Land Teaching

Grandfather Whitewolf is a Welsh-American Singing Folk Healer and a Practitioner of Plant Spirit Medicine.  His traditional title in the Welsh is 'Dyn Hybss' which means 'Wise man, Magician and Wizard. He also has been participating in Circles of Empowerment ceremonies for many years. He is a spiritual teacher, guide and ceremonial leader who has had the honor to learn and share with elders and teachers of the four directions throughout his life.

In this event he will be blessing us with his presence and wisdom. The focus of the teaching will be on ancient ways of healing and honoring the land. It is a great opportunity to be with Grandfather Whitewolf in person.

The event will begin with a sharing circle and storytelling (about 1 hour). After a short break we will have Ceremony. In the Ceremony we call the 4 worlds for direction, guidance and inspiration.

It is important that the ceremony start as close to on time as possible.

Minimum reciprocity 10$, suggested reciprocity 20$.

If you are cash-poor, PLEASE don’t stay home because of it. Your sponsor donations will be taken care of. Perhaps at another time reciprocity can be balanced. A ride might be arranged if you let us know.  Handshakes, smiles and hugs are great gifts to show your appreciation. If this is the case, PLEASE let us know so that contributions and donations can be handled properly.


We are always merely guests on the land. No dogs. Please park safely and snugly in the parking area and allow parking at the front for the elders. Be quiet in the parking lot. Respect for the land is required. What you bring in, you take out and always leave it better than you found it.


Please bring a dish such as you would feed your most beloved. Good nutritious food, full of love. Bring drinking water. We are on a well that is not potable. The kitchen will be clean before ceremony and should be cleaned after ceremony.


You are responsible for your own seating. Please bring chairs, blankets or something to sit on outdoors. Bring layers of clothing for temperature changes. Please bring your own utensils for the potluck.

Circles of Empowerment

Circles of Empowerment supports people of all colors, creeds, and walks of life by providing a safe space for ceremonial expression and healing.
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