Grandmother Lodge

Who is a Grandmother? 
Women in moon pause, who have not bled, naturally or due to medical reasons, for a full cycle of thirteen moons, can have the right of passage into the Grandmother Lodge upon the fourteenth moon.

We Need our Grandmothers!
We acknowledge and honor Eldership in this community. This speaks to our continued attention to the fundamental processes in community building and sustainability. In the not to distant past, the family, as a unit, was necessary for survival.  The work was shared.  Everyone had a particular function.

We are beginning to look back to the old ways of respecting  the aged ones.  There is a certain sense of awe surrounding the Grandmother.  She’s usually the first to awaken in the morning.  She starts coffee or tea, waters the plants, or starts a load of wash before the rest of the household is awake.  Her prayers, be they spoken or in her heart, are sent in the silence of the early morning hours. 4 am is Grandmother time. She instructed the little ones in the ways to walk the good path through her meditations, prayers, and songs.

Please join us and know that your blessings that you are able to offer as a Grandmother will be warmly received and cherished in this community.  For more guidance or teachings, or if you wish to offer teachings yourself, please see the Elder Teachings page and feel free to contact us with your ideas and suggestions.

Circles of Empowerment

Circles of Empowerment supports people of all colors, creeds, and walks of life by providing a safe space for ceremonial expression and healing.
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