Core Values

Core Values
There are protocols, etiquette and standards but more than anything there is safety for spiritual expression of all sorts, with room for everyone willing to promote our core values of sharing, kindness, honesty and courage.

The Twisted Hair Tradition and Travels to Other Communities
These past couple of years, Clan Mother Hua Anwa has been invited to speak at numerous events and communities and to share the wisdom of the Circles of Empowerment. These events allow Hua to bring forward the Circles of Empowerment message of caretaking for our Earth Mother, weaving community connections and passing forward the sacred wisdom that must be shared seven generations into the future. As we endeavor to bring the new paradigm into full flower, it is critically important that we unite with others striving to bring the same core values front and center into dialog with the whole.

Hua often tells the story of the Twisted Hair tradition - Native American travelers of yore who would go to many communities and bring wisdoms and knowledge with them gleaned over time from other nations, other peoples and other ways of Being. By sharing and building connection, the Twisted Hairs brought strength and Beauty to every place they visited. Hua spoke on this topic at the Salon for the Spiritually Creative Life held at Pasadena's Institute for Art & Philosophy, and wrote about this in the 2012 book by Carol Soucek King celebrating the Under the Bridges at Arroyo Del Rey.

In 2009, she was a special guest speaker at the Hopedance film screening of the 13 Grandmothers movie in San Luis Obispo in September, and in October she was invited to speak at the Cambria 350 event to encourage awareness of carbon issues and global warming. Hua has also been invited as a special guest and representative of the Circles of Empowerment at a number of events hosted by Earth Peoples United (TJU) in the Bay area. Earth Peoples United is led by Mayan spiritual leader Tata OmeAkaEhekatl Erick Gonzalez and his wife, Nana Heddi Neale. Hua spoke eloquently at a Mayan New Year event at Solstice Grove in Marin County, at a weekend long Earth Day celebration and Elder's Council Fire in San Francisco, and is invited again to be a part of the 5th Annual Wisdom Keeper and Youth Council up at Deer Mountain in August.

Sisters representing Circles of Empowerment have attended the wonderful and moving Mexica New Year events in San Jose many years running.

As lightworkers, as caretakers and as lovers of life, we model right energy and nurture all that is positive while never being afraid to grant the Shadow its due. Life is a balance and the human journey a great teaching for all who participate in the Great Mystery.

Circles of Empowerment

Circles of Empowerment supports people of all colors, creeds, and walks of life by providing a safe space for ceremonial expression and healing.
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