Participating in Ceremony
As noted in our Mission Statement, while the Church is non-denominational, it offers a Native American inspired Medicine Way that encourages every member to delve deeply into their own tribal roots in the belief that we all possess a spiritual connection to the Earth Mother in an authentic, unique and indigenous way. We may honor this path by our sobriety, discipline, sharing of traditional knowledge ways, and the building of a dedicated community in support of one another and for the benefit of global healing.

The Church's primary means of offering support to individuals is to provide them with a safe space for ceremonial expression and healing. We hold respect for the power of the circle, for shared prayers and we facilitate and lead group meetings on a regular basis year round.

Ceremonial Etiquette
Be on time, be respectful, keep your voice down as others may already be in prayer, and be kind to others.

Expressions of reciprocity are an acknowledgement of the gifts you are receiving as well as your energetic engagement. Bring water, food, and giveaways, if you are able. Smiles and hugs are always wonderful gifts when coming straight from the heart.

Assist in any way you can - do dishes need doing, or an Elder need help carrying a bundle? Is everything in order for those who come after you? While being helpful, try not to draw attention to yourself, which is often counterproductive.

Be sensitive, use your intuition, let Spirit guide you. Leave it better than you found it!

Think first of the Elders - do they need a chair, a hand, an arm, a plate, something to drink? Then tend to the children, the men and then finally yourself. Being of service is a beautiful discipline that will bring more than you can ever imagine into your life. It is a gift that must first be practiced to be appreciated.

Traditional giveaways can include tobacco, feathers, sage and other regalia or little gifts like stones.

Circles of Empowerment

Circles of Empowerment supports people of all colors, creeds, and walks of life by providing a safe space for ceremonial expression and healing.
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