CIRCLES Organization

Founded in 1990, The Church of Empowerment formed as a way to better support the growing need for ceremony in the community and to support the founders. As our ceremonial population grew, it was clear that we wanted to organize our efforts.

Today, Circles of Empowerment is an incorporated non-profit organization, administered by our Board of Directors.

As an organization whose mission it is to promote a Native American inspired Medicine Way, including ceremonies as our primary offering, we are run entirely by volunteers who are passionate about being in service.

The volunteers who administer our daily operations as well as our public events have been called to service and are available to you to talk about the different ways in which you could become more involved yourself, as an organizer, in ceremony, and in support of the teachings we offer.

Community members are invited to consider reciprocity to the community through volunteering in these ways.

              Circles of Empowerment

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