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The capstone gathering for this organization, Long Dance, occurs annually at the Autumnal Equinox in September, and has done so for 25 years as of 2015. It is the premier and defining event for Circles of Empowerment.

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Each year we occupy a remote piece of land in San Luis Obispo County, California, on which we build a village comprised of traditional ceremonial lodges utilizing an organization and layout that goes back thousands of years.

As part of the Long Dance experience, we host an educational work event called Village Building; we spend a total of two weekends with the combined energies of ~100 community members to build this village. It is an educational opportunity in which multiple generations exchange skills, knowledge and physical strength within a traditional cultural context based in sustainable living and respect for the earth. During Village Building, children may attend as well as adults and elders. Training in how to erect and maintain tipis, sweat lodges, multiple ceremonial fire pits, and the all-encompassing Arbor, or Dance Circle, can be presented to all ages and capabilities, and attendees who return advance in their skills, training into leadership roles within the ceremony and in the larger community.

The Long Dance ceremony is a sacred experience engaged in by both women and men in different roles, following ancient traditions and protocols.

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7th generation

                                                           Four Generations at Long Dance , 2009

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