CIRCLES Note From Hua


  Becoming the People of Honey

“Community is woven from gifts. Unlike today's market system, whose built-in scarcity compels
competition in which more for me is less for you, in a gift economy the opposite holds. Because
people in gift culture pass on their surplus rather than accumulating it, your good fortune is my
good fortune: more for you is more for me. Wealth circulates, gravitating toward the greatest need.
In a gift community, people know that their gifts will eventually come back to them, albeit often
in a new form. Such a community might be called a circle of the gift."


This quote from the article "A Circle of Gifts" by Charles Eisenstein from the November 2010 issue of Hope Dance really speaks to filling our lives with each other. Remember that you are the gift. The most priceless gift one can give is time.

Time for others as well as time to yourself. In these days we must reinforce our connection to spirit and grow our community stronger for the times coming up. I invite you to re-dream your life and open to the possibility of a more active connectedness with your circles. Ceremonial circles, gardening circles, drum circles, etc. Actively cultivating and weaving ourselves into a force that can heal and uplift each other is a new paradigm of plenty for all.

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