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Upcoming Gatherings:

January 12th at 7pm
Women's Full Moon Ceremony with Hua Anwa

Circles of Empowerment is honored to support a monthly Full Moon Ceremony for our Sisters in the community.
Although space is limited and new sisters are asked to come with a sponsor, all women are welcome to attend.
This is a great first time ceremony for a woman wanting to explore our Medicine Way as we offer it in our Circles of Empowerment.

Please contact Hua Anwa if you are new to ceremony and would like to attend: (805) 481-0892

January 28th 11am-2pm
Community Sweat Lodge with Hua Anwa

The traditional Sweat Lodge Ceremony is a time for purifying and connecting to Spirit. Because this ceremony can last several hours, we invite you to be prepared in advance. Clan Mother, Hua Anwa, has been pouring water for nearly 30 years for the community in San Luis Obispo County and welcomes everyone to come and pray into their lives.

If you are a newcomer to our community lodge we ask that you come in with a sponsor - if you don’t have a sponsor, please call Hua Anwa at (805) 481-0892 and please click HERE to learn more about how we run our lodge.

There will be a community potluck afterwards.

Location: 2276 Parkhill Road, Santa Margarita CA 93453
Time: please arrive by 11am - we will go in ~ 12-noon
Reciprocity: Donations are welcomed to support the land and provide firewood for our ongoing ceremonies.
Donations of firewood are always welcomed.

January 21-22
Empowerment Through Ritual & Ceremony Weekend Workshop (Ceremony 101)

Registration is OPEN!

Hua Anwa, will be offering an introduction to these sacred ways in an intensive weekend workshop, providing both a foundation and an invitation to expand and deepen your knowledge of all aspects of ritual and ceremony, including an introduction to shamanic tools, journeying, energetic shielding and more. 

Each class is uniquely suited to the group and highly valued by those who have attended. An advanced class for those who have taken this introduction will be offered later in the year, going deeper into cultivating shamanic tools, feather doctoring (smudging) and working with the sacred elements of ceremony.

Elder reciprocity for two full days of teachings, handouts and materials and light refreshments: 175.00
50.00 advance non- refundable to secure your place in class. Balance due at class.
Potluck Lunch
10am to 5pm Sat and Sun
Arroyo Grande CA
Email Hua with your contact info:

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